My experience with Ibogaine as the addiction interrupter

This is a great post from a Reddit forum on Ibogaine:

A little back story..

I’m 4 weeks post ibogaine treatment for a severe 7 year opiate addiction. I had a back surgery, chest surgery and 4 knee surgeries which kept me in the pain pill, maintenance meds, heroin hell cycle, for way too long. I had two stays in conventional rehab in the states, 6 years of addiction therapy with a specialist, maintenance meds (suboxone) 4mg 4 times a day to treat “chronic pain” totaling 16 mg a day. I’ve also seen psychiatrists claiming that I had mental health issues but no firm diagnosis because of my substance use disorder but they’d prescribe SSRIs anyways. I’ve also had a poly substance abuse disorder since I was 14 so over two decades of this awful virus. I call it a virus and not a disease because once I had ibogaine I realized that it was all a choice. Ibogaine taught me that I’m the solution to my problems, no matter how difficult they may seem.

The Flood dose and days leading up to it………