Ancient Wisdom, Mental Health, and The War on Drugs: Interview with Duncan Trussell

If we lived in a sane society, we’d follow some patterns that were set out in earlier cultures where there was an initiatory period for a child. A lot of times kids start experimenting with psychedelics right around the same time that in a tribal culture they would be taken through an initiation ceremony. They might be invited to learn the deeper secret of the tribe or given some kind of name or some information that they could apply for the rest of their lives, and a lot of times there would be a psychedelic sacrament involved. That’s a very important cultural structure, but what is that for us now? “I’m gonna get ya a Bud Light, son—welcome to manhood!” That’s a tragedy, an epic tragedy, but it’s the kind of tragedy that we don’t even see anymore because we’ve become so disconnected from the rhythm of what it is to be in a real community where the laws are based on natural law and arise from a connection with nature and the earth and the stars instead of a connection with corporations…and governments that undermine their opposition when things are illegal.